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Berni Cooper

Berni's love of ceramics started at primary school. After an initial career in the oil industry with BP, she took a career break to have children and went back to ceramics studying in London with Jill Fanshawe Kato, a well known studio potter.

Her husband's international career with BP took them to Asia for 10 years. Whilst living and working in South Korea she completed the Korean ceramics module of the Fine Arts Degree from the prestigious Ewha Women's University in Seoul under the guidance of Professor Chung-Hyun Cho.

Numerous visits to Japan consolidated her love of the eastern ceramic form, in particular its relevance to the tea ceremony and the art of Japanese cuisine. As with the majority of Japanese ceramics, her collection is for day to day use rather than ornamental. Her glazing techniques are influenced by kimono textiles representing both colour and texture.

After Asia she lived in the south of France for 5 years where she was able to work with a renowned local potter, Marc de Lattre. Working alongside him and immersing herself in the Catalan culture added a new dimension to her work, with vibrant earthernware pieces and Catalan designs.

Now back in the UK and living in Kent she continues with both her Asian and European collections and some pieces that are a fusion of the two.