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Joel Arnstein

Joel Arnstein is a painter, sculptor, designer, teacher, inventor, writer and poet. He has painted and drawn since his early childhood and has written poetry since his teens.

At the age of fourteen, he attended sculpture classes at Guildford Art School and later studied design at Brighton University. In 2000 Poets Anonymous published a collection of his poems, “Poems and Pictures”, as part of a series of books by London poets. In 2012 he was invited to recite his poetry in Vietnam at the first Asia Pacific International Poetry Festival as the representative UK poet.

His paintings have been exhibited in a wide variety of venues in Britain and abroad and have been purchased by individuals and private collectors worldwide. A piece of his sculpture, ‘Hand’, can be seen by the public on the façade of the Croydon Foyer building in Gillet Road, Thornton Heath.

His wife, Laura, works for the World Health Organization and her work has taken them to interesting corners of the world including Cambodia, Albania, Nigeria and the Philippines. His travel experiences have added colour to his art and the paintings show his delight in “making the extraordinary out of the ordinary”.