Melvyn Evans

Melvyn has always had a love of art, growing up in a house that was full of paintings and art materials. Encouraged by his mother, an artist herself, he actually followed in his father's footsteps and began his working life as an engineer working on destroyers and submarines. He never stopped drawing and soon realised that art was his true passion and secured a place at Carmarthen Art College where he was free to explore all aspects of art. He then studied for a degree in Illustration at Exeter, went on to Goldsmith's and finally spent a year on a drawing course at the Royal College of Art under the tuition of Professor Bryan Kneale, RA.

He became a professional artist in 1992 working as a printmaker and illustrator. Over the years he has developed a distinctive style of his own, producing a wealth of beautifully strong imagery. Melvyn is inspired by the colour and form in the natural world. Weathered stones and wood, the shape of trees, the lines in a hillside or cliff face, the contour of clouds or light on the sea. Knole Park in Sevenoaks has always been, and remains, an important soure of inspiration.

Once the first proof of a print meets with Melvyn's approval, he goes on to print the edition using a Harrild & Sons Albion Press that has been in use since 1860.